Understand customers,
like never before

Using our AI-powered neuromarketing analysis tool,
we help you uncover the meaning behind your customers' actions.

By capturing and analysing attention and sentiment,
our software can show you what your users look at,
and how they really feel.


We pride ourselves on:


More than


Images Analyzed



Satisfied Clients


We help your business
make better decisions


We help you optimize your marketing efforts by running tests on your ads and providing actionable insights.

Image? Videos? Print media?
We can help you with all of them.

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Product Testing

Want to make sure your product is well-designed? Implement our tool in your testing processes!

Test user interface and user experience with real, unbiased feedback.

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Market Research

Gather information about your consumers, previously only the largest companies could afford!

Get honest feedback on what people think about your research subject!

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Understand the what makes your customers shop. Get insights on what grabs their attention and why.

Using our tool, we can help you understand what drives purchases.

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Our Process

You know the goal
We know the way

We have the key to unlock the full potential of your business,
but to fit it to the unique needs of your business,
we always define the goals, details and metrics with you!

By providing a full-cycle service, including consultancy,
we make sure that you get real value from our studies.

Our Process

Fully automated
for your convenience

Once the project is defined, Decoditive does the rest.
We prepare the study, select the testers from your target audience,
then conduct the study ourselves.

Study results are presented in an interactive dashboard,
enabling further analysis and report creation.

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A better way to understand customer behaviour.

Get insights straight from the minds of real people, like your customers.
Stop guessing what they think. Test, analyze, understand.


We care what they think

Decoditive is a fully remote team working from 4 countries to help you understand what your customers think.

We decided to bring the power of neuromarketing to any business,
with our affordable pricing and easy-to-use tool, we help you uncover what you always needed to know about your clients.


Our fully software based solution allows you to conduct tests anywhere in the world without breaking your budget.